Advertising Epic Fail

Ignoring for a moment the heinous trademark-stupidity that forces local businesses to have to refer to “The Big Game” as opposed to “The Super Bowl”, what’s the matter with this ad/coupon from today’s Sunday newspaper:

Is it that the coupon expires two days before the date in big bold letters at the top of the ad?
If you’re counting on that coupon to help you not “miss the big game”, you’re going to be sadly disappointed.

Annoying Amtrak Patrons

So, it’s a crowded morning train. You’re lucky to get one seat, let alone get a pair of seats by yourself.
But when you’re the annoying woman who’s sitting in a four-seat (two facing two), and you’ve filled the seat next to you with your bag, have your feet propped up across from you, and have intentionally placed your “read” newspaper sections on the seat diagonally across from you? You have absolutely no pity coming to you, whatsoever.
And this is why, as I sit in the seat that I made her take her newspaper sections off of, while her feet remain propped up on the seat next to me, that I felt no compunction whatsoever about plopping my briefcase on top of hers. 🙂

The Chances of Another Pink Floyd Tour Keep Diminishing

Today, music lost someone special, Richard Wright, keyboardist for Pink Floyd, died today after a battle with cancer.
I feel lucky to have managed to catch a couple of dates on Pink Floyd’s last actual tour, as they promoted The Division Bell in 1994 time frame. The last time they had reunited (along with former guitarist Roger Waters) was for the Live 8 charity concert in 2005 (which as D can attest, I was flabbergasted that – in the middle of their set – MTV chose to break away for a commercial break. I can remember screaming at the TV that “no matter how much the sponsor pays, you don’t fucking break away from Pink Floyd’s reunion, ever.”)
They truly were a band that could not be rivaled on-stage, and the chances of that magic ever being recreated now probably approaches zero.
You’ll be missed, sir.