This Has All Happened Before, It Will All Happen Again

Um, yeah, if you haven’t actually watched the finale for BSG, crawl out of your cave and go watch it now….
Last night, I had some friends over (Mark, who doesn’t have a blog with an entry dated within two years of today, and Damion) to watch the series finale. We had some snacks (including an awesome cake), and D played a perfect hostess, allowing us to keep our geek on without having to worry too much about racing out into the kitchen for drink refills.
Overall, I though it was good – a fitting end to the series. I had to lower Damion’s expectations early (telling him I’d read an interview with Ron Moore that the whole “Daniel” thing was a throwaway line he used which suddenly sprang into an Internet-fueled life of its own, so that he shouldn’t expect any great Daniel-related revelations). About the only complaints I had were:

  • I wish we knew for certain what the frak was up with “New Kara”, and what she was
  • I’m not a HUGE fan of “Head Six” and Head Gaius” having such a central role in guiding humanity’s fate
  • Most importantly, I understand the reasons for the capstone ending, to show that definitively “this is our earth”, but I think I would have been happy with the original ending (which was clearly the helicopter shot of the Old Man talking to Roslin’s grave). Something just struck me as “off” about the ending….

I guess it’s interesting that “god”, or who/whatever, was basically explicitly communicating with Gaius over all those years when he questioned his own sanity.
The high points?

  • Old-School Cylons are way more bad-ass than the flimsy modern ones. When they were assaulting the Big G, one or two shots would take down a modern unit, but the old ones…. man they just kept shrugging that shit off.
  • There was just a great shot of a red-stripe holding an old-school Cylon in its hand and executing it, during the assault, that made all three of us spontaneously crack up
  • A nice touching callback to Stu Phillips’ original score from 1978, made during the journey of the (mostly) unmanned fleet ships into the Sun.
  • I love how Galen simply doesn’t care about the future of humanity, or the Cylons. He discovered the bitch who blew his wife out an airlock, and he’s going to snap her neck right then and there, be-damned the consequences… it was totally in-character. I’d actually forgotten about that whole plot line when they mentioned the “knowing everything about one another” aspect of the data-dump… it wasn’t until Tory kept hounding them about “forgiveness for secret sins past” that I was like “oh yeah, she’s so dead… will it be before or after the data-dump is done?”

It’ll be interesting to see “The Plan” when it comes out…. but I’m not sure about “Caprica”… I’ll certainly give it a watch, but it just doesn’t seem to be as “gripping” as BSG was. Part of me wishes “The Plan” had come out already, and that “Caprica” had not been greenlit. Just end it here, without milking the franchise to the point of pain (something BSG-showrunner Ron Moore has constantly complained about when it comes to the Trek franchise).
I do know it’ll be really tough for another show to fill the void BSG has left in my television viewing habits…

1 thought on “This Has All Happened Before, It Will All Happen Again

  1. The Daniel thing had a lot of potential and the way it was introduced just fit. It’s surprising that it actually didn’t go anywhere.
    Everything boiling down to be “God’s plan”, was a mixed thing for me. After all that happen there was this angle where only the guilty seemed to want to have faith in God(s) but everyone else had totally given up. And to swing it around like this, was a way of restoring the viewers and some of the characters faith.
    On the other hand it did start to border Deus Ex Machina, on the way it came in. Yeah they always talked about it, but it kind of came forward like I dunno, saying that Star Wars 4, 5 and 6 was a story only about Vader, years after it’s been said and done.
    The capstone didn’t sit well with me. Major reason being that it pulled you out of the BSG universe and put you back at home. I wasn’t ready to be pulled out of that universe yet. Along those lines, suspension of disbelief was harder to maintain and all of the inconsistencies started to flood in while watching Head Six and Gauis which was a total escapism buzz kill.
    Every scene with the Cylons was awesome. The red stripes moving in formation, colonials and cylons boarding the ship together, the little jokes where a red stripe head shots an old-school cylon. I never saw the original, but I got a kick out of seeing the old-school cylons, and based on how much I loved those scenes, anyone who has seen the original must of been in heaven….. no pun intended.

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