Crazy Dreams

This week while I was at LISA, I had one of the craziest dreams I’ve ever had.
I’m in someone’s small kitchen, sitting at one of those teeny-tiny bar-style tables next to Obama. We’re just hanging out, drinking beer, etc. One of my friends come by and makes some sort of joke at my expense (can’t remember what) but after he walks away, Obama looks at me and goes, “pffft, what a dick!”, and I nod.
We get talking and he eventually tells me “You should come work for me,” to which I tell him “I’ve got such a debt-load there’s no way I could live on government pay.” He nods slowly and says, “yeah, I hear that a lot….”
At the end of the dream, I tell him “D and I, and you and Michelle and the kids should get together for dinner some time soon, before it gets too hectic for you” and he agrees.
So, no idea what THAT means but it was definitely amusing to recount it a couple times this week. 🙂