Now That It’s Over

As we wind down into the morning hours, I’m glad to have been awake to watch it all. While I didn’t vote for Obama, it was not for any lack of wanting him to win. (He was definitely my second choice, behind Bob Barr).
I’m proud to be an American today. In 76 days, we will finally escape from the tyranny, yes tyranny, of a crazed psychotic leader who had probably the most callous disregard for the laws of our nation that any sitting President has ever had.
To a certain, certainly lesser, extent I can understand what it must have felt like for the French to see American troops for the first time in June of 1944. You were well aware that it wasn’t over yet, but there was definitely an end in sight, with freedom and liberty on the other side.

1 thought on “Now That It’s Over

  1. Dude, next time I go to Shenzhen, you need to come with me. We can both see real tyranny in action…

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