Death Magnetic

Holy cow. Old Metallica is back!
After the ultra-disappointments of Load and Reload, and a promising but ultimately still not-that-great St. Anger… I was braced for the worst with their latest release Death Magnetic. After all, we’d heard it many times before – that they were going back to basics, revisiting their roots, all the euphemisms bands use when they want to say, “Ummmm, we strayed too far and started to lose our core fanbase. Shit!”
From the long forlorn intro to That Was Just Your Life, you wonder what you’re in for, but then it proceeds to just attempt to kick your ass over… and over… and over again.
There’s a couple questionable decisions (Unforgiven III?? Seriously, you need to go back and tap that well again!??… I mean, it wasn’t your greatest success to start with, let it go… At least you didn’t milk the same riff the entire song this time like Unforgiven II) but overall the disc marks a honest to goodness return to what made Metallica popular in the late 80s and early 90s, and not a moment too soon.
It’s no secret that at times in my past I’ve been one of Metallica’s biggest fans, and later that turned to being one of their staunchest critics. This album reminds me a lot of the Metallica tapes I wore out over and over again in my old Dodge Shadow, with George and I road-tripping to Metallica shows all over the northeast, and while I don’t foresee D and I jumping in a car and driving to Boston “just because”, I’m definitely looking forward to the January show I’ve got tickets to…
… just so long as they play as little as possible from the Loads. 🙂
UPDATE: Oh, and I forgot one other thing…. props to the return of the kick-ass instrumental. How long’s it been since they put one of those on? Oh, right… friggin … And Justice For All, that’s how long…. 20 years.

2 thoughts on “Death Magnetic

  1. Some thoughts….
    #1. Where the hell is the bass? You have Robert Trujillo on bass, but it doesn’t sound like it.
    #2. Much better mix (it sounds like a Rubin album), but have to wonder if Flemming was available…
    #3. Time changes, guitar solos, yup, this would have been the better follow up to “Metallica”. Can we just forget the past two decades? 🙂

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