Film Night At Tanglewood

Last night, as a “mutual gift-giving event”, my parents treated D and I (for my birthday), and I treated my parents (for their anniversary), to Tanglewood‘s 10th annual Film Night At Tanglewood, conducted by the master of motion picture scoring himself, John Williams.
Unexpected was that after performing “Anything Goes”, whose vocals were provided in Temple of Doom by Kate Capshaw, Mr. Williams invited Kate Capshaw herself up onto the stage to take a bow. Once that reveal was done, however, Mr. Williams wasted no time in introducing someone who would be an obvious person to join her on stage, her husband and Mr. Williams’ many-times-employer, Steven Spielberg.
Spielberg proceeded to stay on stage, seated to Williams’ left, and introduced every piece of the remainder of the evening, which concentrated on the Indiana Jones movies, with an encore of music from E.T. thrown in at the end.
Near the end of the night, my “hunch” played out. I couldn’t picture that Spielberg would be here in the Berkshires talking up Indiana Jones and Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, and that Karen Allen – who returned to the Indy saga in that film to much fanboy rejoicing – wouldn’t make the really short trek down to Lenox. And I was right, as they brought her out on-stage as well to tons of cheering.
I feel like I’ve been neglecting something these past few years. I’ve always been a huge fan of Williams’ work, and I had no idea that this was an annual thing that happened each year, only an hour away. I’ve always been thinking to myself “I’d really love to some day make it out to LA for one of Williams’ Hollywood Bowl summer performances of film music,” and in reality, I can go see that right in my backyard so to speak.
We all had a great time, and I can’t wait for next year now. This is totally going to be an annual event for me.

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  1. I saw Williams in May in Boston @ Symphony Hall and it was great! He played a suite of a bunch of Harry Potter songs with actress Lynn Redgrave narrating in between songs. Plus 2 tracks from the new Indiana Jones, songs from Dr Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, ET, Raiders March, Far and Away. That was awesome Kate Capeshaw and Speilberg were there!

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