UPS QuantumView Notify Deemed “Useless”

quan·tum – \ˈkwän-təm\ – 2 a: any of the very small increments or parcels into which many forms of energy are subdivided

With a name like QuantumView you might suspect that UPS’ package tracking notification system would give you really fine-grained detail on the current status of your package (either as a shipper, or as a recipient). You’ll get these wonderful e-mail message letting you know when the status of your package changes throughout the shipping process. For instance, I got one this morning:

Now this seems all well and good except it put me in a panic. Why? Because it made me think perhaps the shipper had double-shipped the item. Why might it make me think that?

The e-mail message, dated just eight minutes prior to my taking a screenshot for this blog entry, is letting me know that “tomorrow your package will arrive!” What’s important here is that tomorrow was my scheduled delivery date, but UPS got it here faster. This means that QuantumView Notify isn’t looking at the real status, but the scheduled status.
In other words, QuantumView Notify doesn’t tell you jack-shit about where your package is. It tells you wonders about where it should be according to some stuff it determined when the shipper originally dropped off the package, not taking into account any changes at all that happened afterwards. So, if we all lived in a perfect fantasy world where Brown never lost or misdirected packages, or if they never got delayed by weather, missed flights, or slow customs agents, then this UPS service would be sweet. Instead though, since we live in the real world, it’s tits-on-a-bull useless.

2 thoughts on “UPS QuantumView Notify Deemed “Useless”

  1. It’s funny UPS works so poorly for you. The last couple years they’ve had ~perfect track record for us over a few hundred packages and envelopes.
    FedEx on the other hand are complete idiots; at least on our coast.
    One of the better ones was when they couldn’t figure out to deliver a console server and then after we called and gave them our suite number (etc) they delivered it 10 miles away. When we called (the day after) they gave us the run-around. We called every few days for weeks and everytime were told “we’ll get the local thiefs^W people to call you back”. They never did.
    Then a few months later I was supposed to get a package at home with FedEx. When it didn’t arrive I looked it up in their system and was told it was already delivered. WTF. Called them and of course all they could say is that it was delivered to my door so it was my problem now. “No, you didn’t. UPS leaves packages at my door several times a week and I never lost one.” (our house is mostly hidden from the street and the street is small, up on a hill and somewhat away from the beaten path — for being in the middle of the city anyway).
    Anyway, they wouldn’t even let me file a claim.
    Fast forward a few weeks when suddenly the package appears – completely and totally messed up. I wonder if a neighbor got it and just managed to give it to me, but then I lookup the tracking number again and FedEx shows it as delivered (again) with a new origination address of their local shipping center. Brilliant.
    The UPS delivery guys on the other hand are great. We can call the local distribution center and they get hold of our delivery guy when we have a question about when he’ll be in our building. Or if I meet our truck at home on a nearby street he’ll give us whatever he has for me if I roll down the car window and ask.
    – ask

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