Brian Williams Is Actually Funny

There was much talk and buzz on the ‘Net over the last week over NBC’s Brian Williams’ planned appearance last night as the host of Saturday Night Live. Would he be funny enough to carry it off, etc., etc.?
It’s often been observed that the more sketches the SNL writers put you in, the funnier they think you are. It came as a bit of a shock to find Williams in nearly every sketch of the evening. And better, some of the ones he wasn’t in were probably less about “how do we make that funny” but more of “that’s too low-hanging of a fruit, we can’t do that”…. For example, there was no appearance by Williams on the Weekend Update sketch. It’s simply too obvious, I know I was waiting for it, and I think D was as well. But it never came.
But throughout the evening, Williams’ sense of comedy shone through. It’s easy to see that, as was hyped, he’s been a fan of the show for 30 years. I don’t have trouble believing that’s a factual statement and not invented by some PR/Marketing lackey in the middle-floors of 30 Rock.
I hope he gets opportunities to come out of his bubble more. He’s got a lot of talents that are simply wasted on staid, boring, reading of the news.