How To “Unmanage” An Apple Desktop

Dear Lazyweb,
After this past summer’s “desktop replacement” cycle, I acquired one of our older/retired iMac computers. When it was wiped for public use, it had the “campus desktop image” installed on it. The problem is that the desktop image is a “managed” image — e.g., it somehow phones home every time you log in and grabs some managed preferences from the “mother ship”, including telling it to use the campus update server.
Obviously, this is “my” computer now (well, rather, my wife’s), and not the college’s, so I’d like to know how to “untether” it from the update server. Some pages had suggested holding down “option” while logging in as her, however it says that account “D” is not part of any workgroups… and then proceeds to set up a bunch of managed-preferences anyway.
I’m sure this is freakin’ trivial to do, but nobody on the Apple Support discussion forums has answered this question after like a month, so I’m turning to you, the great wide lazyweb. Help me lazyweb, you’re my only hope!

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  1. I will only answer this question if you put the bagels on your ears…. (cinnamon rolls would also be acceptable).

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