Been A While

Before yesterday, it’d been a while since I’d blogged, and it hasn’t been anything “about me”, but more just immediate commentary on something timely that needed talking about. There’s been a lot that I’ve missed over the last few months… didn’t blog about spending a week in Ireland for our belated honeymoon, or how D and I went to see The Police at Madison Square Garden on their reunion tour, or any of the myriad other things going on.
Summer was just hellishly busy at work this summer, rolling out a new e-mail system to the entire campus. D and I had plotted out “the weekends we had free to do stuff” and there were, like, three. Total. For the entire summer. That’s how busy it’s been.
Hopefully now that school is back in session, and the kids are back, things will slow down enough that I can at the very least keep current, and maybe even fill in some of the missing stories.