Why Homeschooling Is On The Rise

Take this situation from my old home town…
A sixth grade boy asks a fellow sixth-grade girl to go out. Girl’s ex-boyfriend, and five other sixth-graders, hatch a plot to literally slash the boy’s throat. They build little weapons out of the blades from pencil sharpeners and come up with a whole plan to isolate him from other people, surround him, and then slice his throat open to kill him.
The kids are suspended, put on trial, get probation essentially (WTF on the judicial system there), but then — are sent right back to school with their fellow students the following fall (now).
The victim is positively scared to go to school. Go figure. He’s going to private school now. Who’s paying for it? His own parents, because the school district insists there’s no danger. Other parents are scared for their kids’ lives, and those kids are scared to go to school as well. No fucking shit, man, especially since they’re too young to be allowed to carry concealed for self-defense. *grin*
What amazes me about all of this is how fucked up the priorities of school districts are…. You don’t have to hunt hard to find stories of kids who were sent-home, suspended, or expelled, because their attire was “disruptive to the educational process” (read there, “it annoyed the old people”). Never mind that 99% of their fellow students probably wouldn’t even have noticed or cared, it was disruptive, damn it.
But students having a real, legitimate, founded, fear for their lives from their psychotic fellow students? No, that’s not disruptive! Those psycho-kids have, and I quote from the article:

[Superintendent] Rhau said the children involved in the plot deserve an education and a chance to move on with their lives.

How come that logic doesn’t apply to those kids who occasionally have a piece of profanity on their shirt? Or wear some shirt that’s got divisive political speech on it? Seriously, if the educational process is so important, so sacrosanct, that conspiracy-to-commit-murder can’t be allowed to interfere with it, then someone needs to explain to me how a shirt that says “Meet me at 4:20”, or “Impeach Bush”, or even “Fuck The Police” is somehow fair game for denying the educational process to a kid.
If you ever needed concrete proof that the public school system is simply fucked up beyond repair and needs dissolution, this is it.
(Contact Info: Richard Rhau, Superintendent, 845-247-6500)

3 thoughts on “Why Homeschooling Is On The Rise

  1. You know, I always assumed I was going to have home schooling for any kids I might have, with a structure of grouping the kids up with small sets of other kids (so the socialization is there) and a variety of other programs/stuff so they still got an education worth having.
    (Obviously, if the kid insisted after a certain age to go into the public school, you let the kid go in, with their horizons expanded).
    But you know, the more I looked into home schooling and programs and stuff, it’s ALL about God, baby. Like, it’s so assumed the whole reason you’d yank your sprite out of school is because you can’t have a bible sitting on top of the math book, it’s not even mentioned half the time in the syllabus. But it’s all there; you have your kids schooled at home, it’s to get them a little Almighty.
    So if it ever came to that, I’d probably just end up really spending mad bills and sending the kid to an academy.

  2. WTF? Why would someone need to be pregnant for this to be completely ridiculous behavior on the part of the school district? Are you mental?

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