Oh, No! Male-on-Male Lip Contact!

Via IMDB News, although I’m sure it’s just a feed from somewhere:

The Snickers ad that ran during last month’s Super Bowl in which two mechanics munching at each end of a candy bar end up mouth to mouth and then register their disgust, offended not only gays but also religious conservatives, it turns out. The Smoking Gun website on Monday posted numerous complaints filed with the FCC over the ad. One wrote of feeling “violated” by the ad, writing “God knows, I didn’t turn on the superbowl [sic] expecting to be tricked into watching gay sex.” Another wrote that the spot violated “our religious beliefs and exposes our children to obscene and disgusting material they are taught are wrong.” Other letter writers complained about Prince’s performance during halftime likening it to gay porn. In all, the FCC received about 150 complaints about the telecast — a far cry from the tens of thousands of letters that rained down on the commission in the wake of the Janet Jackson “Nipplegate” scandal three years ago.

First, is this the best the homophobic right has to send to do battle for television decency? People who can’t differentiate between “two clearly straight men who accidentally kiss” and “gay sex”?
I understand that it’s been previously established as a matter of law that “oral sex is sex”, but I’m not aware of anyone anywhere in the world that categorizes “kissing” as “oral sex”. If the ultraconservative freakazoids who write the FCC do, well, seriously, I’m forced to wonder if their significant others are really all that satisfied.
And, what the hell, dude? A commercial spot “violated your religious beliefs”?!!? Christ, every Sunday morning I see hours upon hours of programming which “violates my religious beliefs”. I think that talking about a guy nailed to two boards up on a hill is disgusting, and I don’t think children should be exposed to that kind of graphic imagery on television every Sunday morning, but you don’t see me writing the FCC about it. What I do is change the fucking channel.
But now I’m actually seriously considering surfing the web every Sunday morning, and pointing out every time I see the use of a crucifix with some guy nailed to it and say “Hey, man, that type of torture is R-rated level material! Get that shit into the late-night hours where kids can’t see it!” You should too. Let’s start a letter-writing campaign to get the graphic imagery, and the shows which “violate our religious views” out of Sunday morning television. Put that crap on cable where it belongs: CNJN – Conservative Nut Job Network

2 thoughts on “Oh, No! Male-on-Male Lip Contact!

  1. So, you’re saying that the NFL shutting down a “Superbowl Sunday” gathering at one of the mega-churches was “God’s way of sparing His People from the Gay candy Sex”.
    Amen to that!
    I mean, when I’m watching a bunch of guys in tight pants bend over so another guy can walk up, put his hands beneath one of their butts and get a grip on his ball, I don’t want to see no man kissin’.
    That’s just wrong.

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