Crazy Ass Dream

So here’s what I remember of this crazy-ass dream I had last night:

  • A friend of mine (whose name, even in the dream, I could never remember and kept getting wrong) and I somehow ended up being captured.
  • There was this whole matriarchal society thing going on and we were escorted to this tall building in the center of what looked like park land
  • You went up an elevator, and when you got off the elevator, there was some long hallways leading to common rooms, living quarters, etc.
  • There was this whole air of “combat” to it. When people greeted each other, there was this manner of exposing both hands to show that there were no weapons and that intentions were peaceful.
  • There seemed to be some sort of pretext that you might have to go engage in combat against the guy you just ate dinner with, if your name came up flagged on “the list”.
  • There were some guys who seemed to be “in charge”, but I think they were just privileged captives as well. They were the ones who had “the list” on clipboards, and would read off the names of the people who were heading to the elevator to go up a couple floors.
  • “the list” included peoples’ names and their e-mail addresses. I kid you not. Names were circled in red grease-pencil if they were going off to … whatever awaited them (I never saw it, there was only an implication that there was something bad involved).
  • There were big floor-to-ceiling windows where you could look out over the parkland, and see the women playing outside and living a grand old life. The view looked a lot like you might expect to see looking out over the quad of a 1930s girls school, that sort of “play”.
  • The guys who were “in charge” seemed to be perfectly reasonable and helpful, just that they didn’t appear to be in any threat of heading into the elevator any time soon.

I don’t know what particular sci-fi book or movie my brain scraped this story nugget out of, but it’s definitely weird.

1 thought on “Crazy Ass Dream

  1. Sounds like a mix of Battle Royale, and Ballroom Blitz (with a little bit of Logan’s Run involved).
    Maybe you’re worried about something that involves the Blitz? One of the side stories you created is taking over your brain.
    Pity if I have to take you out if you go psycho. Liking work so far.

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