Wow Does The New Yahoo!TV Suck Fetid Moose Balls or What? has been one of the few Yahoo services that they had left well-enough alone with. The front page UI had some basic information, a schedule-grid for most of the major-networks for the prime-time period, and was an excellent resource for just going there “quick to see what’s on TV tonight.”
But, like all things Yahoo that don’t completely suck, they’re not content if they’re not ruining it, so some product designers got their hands on it, and now if you go there, you will get “Yahoo!TV Beta”. Unlike with Yahoo!Mail and others, though, there’s no way to say “Let me continue to use the non-suck-ass interface as long as possible please.”
What are the specific complaints?

  1. The front-page no longer has a really convenient schedule grid.
    It used to have a prime-time schedule grid, in static HTML, that was infinitely useful. Wanted to see what was on for the entire prime-time window on the major networks? You don’t even have to sign in, it’s just right there — useful. Now, you get this … abomination… that only shows you like 90 minutes worth of TV, and instead of prominent placement “above-the-fold” where it’s useful, it’s buried down on the second page of the site so you have to go looking for it. Very un-useful.
  2. The Ajax interface to the “regular” listings page is retarded.
    Alright, so let’s go look at the “big grid”, customized to my needs…

    This is after I’ve slid the little pointer-thing to something that “looks close” to what I want. So it’ll start at 9:00. However, 8-9pm is in prime-time. Can I slide that bar back just a smidge so it’ll show me 8-11pm instead of 9-midnight? Short Answer: Nope. The granularity appears to be that the shortest move to the left that I can achieve will move the bar so that the window shows 6-9pm. In other words, because they want it all to just be nice clean “three hour window segments”, they’ve completely gimped the interface so that it’s impossible to see “prime-time”. Also, you can’t easily even see “what’s coming on from now forward?” For example, right now it’s 8:10 in the morning. What do I see on the screen?

    Yeah, because I care so much about what was on from 6-8 that it I would gladly give up the ability to see what’s coming up in order to know what I already missed. And, again, like primetime, if I’d like to see “from 8am-11am”, I’m shit outta luck.
    Wanna know what’s going to be on when you get home at 4:30 this afternoon? Yeah, you’re shit outta luck, too. Have fun hopping back and forth left and right in their interface.

Anyone got any suggestions for places a guy can go to answer the simple question “what’s on TV tonight?” without having to leap through stupid hoops to get the useful data?

3 thoughts on “Wow Does The New Yahoo!TV Suck Fetid Moose Balls or What?

  1. The new TV listings interface is quite annoying.
    I really don’t like TV Guide, but their listings are semi-close to the old Yahoo! style (I used them a few times when seemed to be down). It is a single page, no login required, and once you set your provider a bookmark will always get you to the listings for the current time and channels in your area.
    The scrolling within the page is a little annoying.
    I am sticking with Yahoo! for a little bit to see if over a little more time I “get” the new UI.

  2. They left the TV grid in My Y! alone. Still like the old Y! TV. You can customize it to whatever channels you like. You get shows, channels and whether or not something is a repeat.

  3. I switched to TV listings on and those seem to be pretty simple and customizable. They also have a notion of 8-11 window instead of making you stuck with pre-selected three-hour time periods.

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