I Wish I Was Someone’s Boss…

… so I could fire them if they didn’t show up to work on Monday.
I just wish they’d stop calling it “A Day Without Immigrants”, since they’re trying to also sucker American “supporters” and students to join in.
Why are they doing that? Because the ones we’ll really miss are the ones who are here legally, doing really productive work and making good on the American dream — legally.
Nobody will notice if some shit-job doesn’t get done for a day, and that “nobody noticing” doesn’t make for good headlines.

3 thoughts on “I Wish I Was Someone’s Boss…

  1. Agreed. Immigration laws more than likely need to be changed and updated — whatever. But don’t break into my country and demand all of these benefits, then cry racism or ethnocentrism when you’re deported or told to leave. The system sucks, but work within it to change it. Breaking the law — even stupid laws — have consequences. I hope no one gets killed during these rallies.

  2. Sure, nobody will notice if the trash isn’t removed, the toilets aren’t cleaned and the streets are full of waste. Shit jobs are just as necessary as non-shit ones.

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