Good Help Is Hard To Find – Especially In The Bronx

According to this page, my season tickets should have shipped either 3/27 or 3/28. It’s 3/30 now, and they still don’t appear in the UPS system yet. So I decide to call the Yankees ticket office, to find out “what’s what”…
CSR: Yankees Ticket Office.
Me: I want to check on the status of my season ticket package shipment.
CSR: What kind?
Me: Full season.
CSR: Those were shipped out two or three days ago, on the 27th and 28th.
Me: Right, that’s what the web page said, except mine aren’t in UPS’ system yet.
CSR: Then they don’t have a tracking number assigned to them yet.
Me: If they don’t have a tracking number assigned to them yet, then they haven’t been shipped, because the shipping label you put on a package has the tracking number on it, it’s assigned then. It has a tracking number before the UPS guy even touches his hand to it.
CSR: Well, then you would have to wait for it to be in that system. They’re being shipped out UPS 2-day delivery, so if you didn’t get it yesterday, you should get it today.
Me: And yet, UPS has no record of the package whatsoever, so I find it unlikely I’ll get it today.
CSR: It probably just hasn’t been assigned a tracking number yet.
Me: **boggle** If it was shipped, then it does have a tracking number, by definition, believe me. What I’m looking at is that everything I read tells me it should have shipped already, and yet the carrier who’s allegedly carrying it knows nothing about it, so maybe, just maybe you haven’t actually shipped it yet, and that’s what I’m sort of trying to check on. You know, to see if it slipped through the cracks or something.
CSR: They all went out on the 28th.
Me: Can you, you know, check my account to see when mine shipped, and perhaps see if there’s a tracking number associated with it?
CSR: I couldn’t do that.
Me: Is there anyone who can?
CSR: No.
Me: So let me get this straight — the web page is useless because, if you’re telling the truth, the UPS system is updating data so slowly that it’ll have arrived before their system even publishes data about it. You don’t actually keep track of the tracking number you printed on the package before it went out the door, so if I wanted to force UPS to scan their system for it, I couldn’t do that, and you’ve got no means of actually verifying that the tickets were even sent, let alone tell me a specific date or anything. Does that about sum it up?
CSR: errrrrr, ummmmm
Me: Right, so this was twenty minutes of my life I’m not getting back.
… man I’m glad I never had to give them my account number. *grin*

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