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While I was out at VMWare training last week, I had an opportunity to check out some movies on pay-per-view (no, not those kinds of movies! Get your mind out of the gutter).
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

This wasn’t a bad movie, although it seemed to sort of drag in parts. I suppose if I’d read the books as a kid, maybe this would have been as “cool” a movie as Lord of the Rings was to all of us Tolkien fanatics. In the end, though, with them going through the whole “grow old, come out of the closet young” thing at end, it just seemed too,… I dunno… trite.

Good Night and Good Luck

Wow! Holy crap was this a good flick. The parallels between the media involvement in politics during the McCarthy era and their involvement now — “wow”. Just completely over-the-top blew me away. Everyone should see this movie.

“V” For Vendetta

My future brother-in-law and I went to see it together. We saw this movie in DC, an area that was obviously “affected” by 9/11 terrorist attacks. (In fact, I saw it at a movie theater about three Metro stops from the Pentagon where the terrorists hit). I’d be really curious to see how this movie “plays” at another location like, say, LA or Seattle, somewhere completely outside the “direct effects” zone of 9/11. It’s odd to spend the entire movie cheering for the terrorist. Clearly, there’s an attempted parallel between right-wing USA politics and the right-wing politics of the UK as portrayed in the movie, which makes you feel even more weird for doing the “cheering for the ‘bad’ guy” thing. If nothing else, it makes for a very thought-provoking conversation-starter on what it means to be “bad”, and whether or not that’s all really relative to “whomever seems to be in charge today.” (which, I should point out, is something I’ve said repeatedly…heck I even did a paper for my Terrorism class last Spring comparing Revolutionary War colonists to terrorists) Definitely worth seeing, but be prepared to feel like some of your internal views are challenged, or that you might even feel “dirty” after walking out, depending on your personal worldview.

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  1. The Chronicles were a good movie adaptation of the book, but the books still are better. 🙂 The movie (as most movies based on books tend to) glossed over why the kids got the things from Father Christmas as they did, and didn’t get into some of the emotional details.

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