Today’s Asshole Manufacturer Award Goes To: Kohler

Yesterday, our new dishwasher arrived. While we wait for a plumber who can hardwire it in (it’s a portable), I decided to use it “as designed” and just hook it up to the faucet and clear out some dishes. I removed the aerator from the faucet, and went to thread the adapter up inside the faucet’s spigot.
I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t catch the thread. While I had them sitting on the table next to each other (the old aerator and the new adapter) I realized that the diameter of the two was radically different (well, not that radical, but at least a 1/8″, maybe). The adapter simply wouldn’t fit in the faucet.
So, I called Kohler to ask them “what to do”. After all, there’s a standard diameter for faucet spigots. That’s how this whole thing works, and their faucet’s diameter is non-standard, so surely they must know how to proceed.
Their official response: “We don’t support you hooking up other devices to the faucet, and so we do not offer any adapter to convert that to a standard size.”
Are you fucking kidding me? I explain to them that I love their faucet and all, but if I have to choose between my $500 standards-compliant dishwasher and their $150 wacky-off-standard faucet, their faucet was destined to lose. She completely didn’t care.
So now I’m off in search of an adapter at a local plumbing supply store. This should be fun. Not.
Update: As an FYI for any who come behind me, here are two adapters I purchased, one of which was the right one, the other wasn’t. But they were like $3.00 each. The p/n’s are the ACE Hardware part numbers on the packaging.

p/n 44346 – Adapter Dual Thread – 13/16″x27 THD x 55/64″x27 THD
p/n 43593 – Small Male Adapter – 13/16″x27 THD for Female Aerator

9 thoughts on “Today’s Asshole Manufacturer Award Goes To: Kohler

  1. They were very nice to me on the phone and sent me an adapter so I could connect up my briter (is that 1 t or 2?) water filter.
    Maybe you should higher you voice and octave and speak with a British accent πŸ™‚

  2. Is it like a garden hose connection? You can go to any hardware store or pet store and get an adapter. I have a nice brass one that I use with my Python water changing system for my aquarium. very similar to a waterbed filling adapter.

  3. Nope, I need a wonky-ass non-standard connector to make it all work.
    Luckily, I found one online, and I should have it here ASAP. After I went to the local plumbing supply store (for locals’ sake, that place on Broadway by Eng’s whose name I cannot remember… T&J Distributors maybe?) who carries “goddamned everything” and they instantly identified what I needed but were out of stock on it. Once they gave me the dimensions and thread-count, I came home, ordered it online, and should have it RSN.

  4. “portable”? WTF?
    Who needs a portable dishwasher? Do you need the space (I assume it’s quite small)

  5. Ah, yes, the German perspective. πŸ™‚
    A “standard” dishwasher requires that it be installed inside of a cabinet of some sort (well, I guess technically it doesn’t, but it looks god-awful-hideous if you don’t).
    A “portable” dishwasher is basically a standard dishwasher installed into a standalone cabinet. As most people who need such a thing are apartment-dwellers, etc., the cabinet is often on casters allowing it to roll into place where it then attaches (via a hose system) to your faucet.
    It is possible to convert a “portable” into something more stand-alone, but not quite “standard”, e.g., that you hardwire it into the water and drainage systems, but let it sit in its own “not-a-cabinet”.

  6. Ah, I see. I wonder who would move his/her dishwasher around… Never did that. Never saw anybody do it, either. Not even in the US.

  7. In the house I rented prior to the home I own now, we had a portable dishwasher, and actually used it as such. The house was not small, but there was no spot for a built-in dishwasher (it was an 1850’s farmhouse), and we simply wheeled it over to the sink each night, hooked it in, and ran it. Next morning, emptied it, and wheeled it back out of the way. (When it was hooked up it was in the way of the sink and one of the doorways.) Worked well for the environment.

  8. I went into the province and visited a supermarket there. What did I see? A PORTABLE DISHWASHER. Hmm, exactly the size we’d need for our other flat πŸ™‚

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