Amazon Gold Box? More Like “Shit Box”

Every so often, while browsing on Amazon, I’m tempted to click on my special “Gold Box Offers” button, just to see what crap is in there.
Today, I saw something that makes me want to offer up a suggestion to Amazon: Wire your head and ass together.
So, first off, it offered me up a copy of Iron Maiden: The Early Days, Part 1, a DVD that I’d been thinking about getting for a while:

But then I decided to click the link, and take a look at “what exactly was included on that DVD. So I literally clicked the link that Amazon provided me for the product:

So… if I ignore the Amazon “Special Gold Box Price” and just buy it at their regular discounted price, I save myself $1.10. Now, we’ve all known, and it’s well-documented, that Amazon changes their prices regularly, depending on who you are, where are you, what time of day it is, etc., etc., etc. BUT, you’d think that they’d have the entire system knowing about the various prices… For instance, you’d think that the “main item page” might know that I’m coming from a Gold Box ad, and display the “undiscounted” price (or, better, the Gold Box pricing since it’s the currently active Gold Box item). You might conclude instead that the Gold Box pricing “for me” should be lower than the “regularly discounted price”, i.e., if I can normally get it for $15.98 with no special deals, that my Gold Box price should be lower than that.
Instead, though, it’s the worst of all worlds… If I ignore the “special sale”, I save money. Which means that — after I notice this sort of thing — the Gold Box loses even the “occasional click-thru” value it had, because I know that going there is no bargain of any sort (and is, in fact, a means of getting you to pay more for stuff than you ordinarily would.

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