Bad Customer Service Weekend, Part One

Saturday evening I decided, “Hey, I’d like some Boston Market”. I should have learned my lesson a long time ago.
First, we go to the drive-through, because there’s a long-ass line inside. Turns out the drive-thru is closed. Grrr. OK, I go in.
As I am walking in, one woman says to me, “Better hurry, they’re selling out of things.”
So I stand in line. And wait. And wait. And wait. I see someone walk out with Roast Sirloin. Cool. That’s what I want. So I know they’ve not yet run out of sirloin.
Along the way a school bus shows up and gets in line behind us. The manager(?) sees the line triple in length, runs and does an inventory and says to the crowd, “I’ve got no meat loaf, and I’ve got no turkey.”
“Cool,” I think. There’s only one person in line ahead of me. It becomes my turn to order, and manager-dude asks me what I’d like
“I’d like the a la carte sirloin, some mac and cheese and…”
… and I drift off because he’s just walked away from the register and can’t hear a word I say now. No “Let me check something.” No “One second please, sir.” Just walk away and ignore the customer you’re taking an order for.
He wanders back about three minutes later and says, “I don’t have enough for that. I only have a single five ounce serving left. Sirloin will be ready in 15-20 minutes.”
“So that leaves you with just Ham and Chicken in your inventory?” I ask incredulously.
“Actually, she just got the last of the Ham.”
At this point, I explode. I can’t fathom the depths of incompetence that this must require.
“Did FEMA come in here in the last half hour and suddenly requisition your entire inventory for use in New Orleans? How the hell do you manage to be so completely incompetent at planning that you have like next-to-no food available to sell at 6:30 on a Saturday night?”
“I can have them for you 15 minutes.”
“Forget it, it’s just not worth it.”
At which point I stormed out, got in the car, and went to Wendy’s.
Seriously… how the fuck can you underestimate your sales by that much?

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  1. We still haven’t unpacked the boxes in the kitchen enough to get to anything … that’s a “this weekend” project actually. 🙂

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